Spruce Up Your Home: 5 Pieces Under $100

Let’s face it!  We all have busy lives.  It’s easy to just get up every day and get used to our homes.  In our everyday rush, it can be overlooked that our place may need some sprucing up.  This can be easily done.  It doesn’t take budget breakers to liven up your space.  Here are 5 easy pieces that can be spruce up your home under $100 each.

1. Sunburst Mirror – Mirrors are a great way to style your home.  They come in many colors, sizes and shapes.  This makes it an ideal item fit any design.  They can also be used to make a room feel larger.
2.  Throw Pillows –  Throw pillows may be one of the easiest ways to make a change in your home.  It’s because they are so easy to use.  Just throw them on your bed or couch.  Bringing in fresh colors and funky patterns can quickly liven up your home and set the mood in a room.
3.  Lighting – Lighting can be used to bring warmth into a space.  They are great for decorating.  Due to their height, they can help to balance a spaces.
4.  Candle holders – Candle holders can really dress up a space.  They can add a touch of elegance to a formal room.
5.  Artwork –  Artwork can be used to draw the eye up.    If you are looking brighten up your home, use  vibrant colored artwork.  If you are looking to build on to your rustic space then a distressed wooden frame for your artwork may do the trick.. In as.


Resources and Details
1.  Sunburst Mirror, Target $29.99
2.  Throw Pillows, Wayfair $20.99 and $28.99
3.  Teardrop Luxe Lamp, Pier 1 – $79.99
4.  Glass Candlesticks, H&M $9.95 each
5.  Moroccan Art Print, Society 6 Starts at $85

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