Decor Tips for a Small Living Room

So you are moving and you have to figure out what to do with your new living area that’s on the small side.  Or you have a small living area that needs updated decor.  Fret not, Desiree to the rescue.  I’m here to help you through the process.  Let’s make this possibly stressful event easy and fun.  Most of all, let’s make your new living area fresh and glam!

Here is a sample of a small living room setup:

  1. In this room we included storage by adding a mirrored end table that has drawers.  Also, there is a gold large chest that is a nice size and adds even more storage.
  2. The rug is a great way of bringing  pattern and color into a space without overwhelming the room.
  3. We added seating with a medium size sofa and side chair.  The sofa has clean lines and is cream colored which is great for making your small space feel more open.  We had more fun with the side chair which the blue color brings out the beautiful design and and helps the rug to pop even more.

There are a few key things to remember when decorating a small space.
1.  The first and most important is that every piece counts.

 That’s right!  When you are dealing with a smaller space, every piece of furniture and decor count.  There is not time (or space) for pieces that you aren’t crazy about or a space that is not getting it’s best use.

2.  Storage is King.

Now that we have that first key out the way.  Let’s move on to the next.  Storage is king.  Yes, any place that we can use to hide our junk is great.  This means that some pieces of furniture will have a double use as storage.  With limited space in an area, we need to create places to put items.  Whether, it’s your favorite throw, guest towels, dvds, or clothes.
3.  Maximize your room layout.

This is not only true for small spaces, but truly any space.  Having furniture in the right location in your room will optimize your space.  It can help the flow of the room and keep your space open.
4.  No clutter please!
This is not the 90’s.  No longer do we have to have every piece of furniture from the set from your local furniture store.  This means your space does not need a sofa, matching love seat/chair, coffee tables, end table, etc.  You only need to include pieces that are important to you or that may have a double function.

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