4 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Decor Color Palette

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Today, it is so easy to find home decor inspiration.  Whether you are browsing Pinterest or thumbing through an HGTV Magazine issue, today’s trends are at the tips of our fingers.  The con to this is that we may feel obligated to decorate our home with colors that are “in now”.

There is nothing wrong with this, but trends do pass.  You want your home decor choices to have staying power.  If you choose something that’s in style now or that truly does not fit your personality, you will tire of it.  This may leave you wanting to redecorate your home again, which cost time and money.

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That is why today I wanted to give you tips that will help you find what color choices will have staying power with you.  Not only now, but next time you choose to decorate, you will know what does and does not work for you.  Use them again and again.



Here are the steps I took to hone in on my true color palette:

1.  Get real with yourself.

2.  Step out of your comfort zone.

3.  Realize that some people may not like your choices, and that’s okay.

4.  Stay true to yourself.

Get Real with Yourself

There are so many design and style trends that come about.  It’s easy to fall into “what’s going on now” or in season.   There is no problem with this.  However, there is the chance that after a short period of time you may get tired of your choice or it just may go “out of style”.

By getting real with yourself, you will understand what you enjoy and makes you happy.   You can take these things and convert them to colors that make you feel your best when you walk into that room.

Check out your closet, what are some of your go to colors?  What gives you the most comfort? Lightbulb moment, maybe those same colors can make your living room more comfortable to you. So by getting real with yourself, you can consider what colors are truly you.  Most importantly, you can make your place feel like your home sweet home.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Be brave.  You may find that you want to stick with the safe choices.  Safe does not always equal right or right for you, I should say.

If you are not a fan of bold, vivid, or bright colors, don’t forget that you can mix and match a bold color with neutrals or complementary colors.  Or try to find a shade of that color that you may be more comfortable with adding to your color palette.

Realize that some people may not like your choices and that’s okay. 

Your choices may not be liked by everyone and guess what?  That’s okay!  They don’t have to live in your space but you do.  Just like if you went to their home, their color scheme or styles choices may not float your boat.  Their orange and mid-century modern theme may not be your preference but that is to be expected.  So do not try to choose colors that everyone will love, just you and others in the home.

Staying True to Yourself

This is the most important rule of all when it comes to choosing your color palette.  Why?  Because if you don’t stay true to yourself, you will never truly be happy with your decisions.  You will always choose what is expected or a palette that is not really you.

Once I realized and understood these steps, I  was able to grasp that the same colors that made me happy were okay to put in my home.  Turquoise is my favorite, along with pink.  Recognizing that it was okay to use colors that made me happy has made me the most fulfilled with my design choices.  Guess what?  Turquoise has not left my home since!

Thank you so much for joining me today.  Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the best decor colors for you.  They definitely did for me.


Until next time.

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