Tips for Making Your Home Fall Ready

Here in Atlanta, the air is a little cooler.  I am beyond ready to transition into cute sweaters and jackets.  The best part is that it is time to add comfy touches to my home for fall.   This is something I do to help it feel less cool and summery, and more intimate for the change of season.

Cozying up your home does not have to be this huge, over thought task.  There are little touches that can be added here and there that will do the trick.  However, you don’t have to go all out.  Simple things can be done like changing out throw pillows or adding a warm-toned throw to the sofa.

Bringing fall into your home does not have to mean changing all the decor in your home.  So here are some easy and inexpensive tips to make your home fall ready.

Decorate with natural elements.

This is one of the easiest ways to get your home fall ready.  Pulling elements from nature and bringing them into your home can make it feel earthy and warm.  This is due the colors and textures.

Simple Cozy Charm’s fall mantle. She does a great job of using natural elements to make a cozy fall mantle.

Items that may be available right in your backyard are pinecones, acorns, and branches.

  • Branches can be placed in a vase or jar
  • Pine cones and acorns can be placed in bowls or vases.

Add texture to your space.  

Texture can play a big role in interior design.  It can help add balance to a space.  This time of year, it can help convey seasonal feelings.  The more textured or rough an item is, the more warmth it may bring into a place.  Don’t forget that texture can come in many different forms.  Like throws, throws are a simple way to add coziness.  They can be found in many textures this time of year.  They are also convenient for those cooler days.



Brixton Throw.

Here are a few ways to add texture:

  • throws, pillows, and other textiles
  • wooden furniture
  • natural elements

Use warm colors.

I don’t think this tip is a surprise.  All white spaces can seem stark or cold even.  Bright colors may bring to mind other seasons like spring or summer.  When considering a color guide, it’s a great idea to take a cue from the colors of nature during this season.  Some warm colors are reds, orange, yellows and brown.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to use every single color.  Just by using a touch of one or a couple of these colors can really make a difference.

Use seasonal scents.

Filling your home with seasonal scents is something you may do without realizing it.  You can do this by burning candles, cooking your favorite fall soups, or even making apple cider in your crockpot.

One of my favorites is apple cinnamon candles.  I love them year round, but especially now.


Thank you so much for hanging out with me today.  Com back soon.


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